Tsaro IoT

An Elevator Preventative Maintenance Solution

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Flooding in Elevator Pit is a Real Problem

  • Extensive damage to a building (est. anywhere between $10,000 to $140,000).

  • Typically the damages are in the following areas:

    • Machine room equipment 

    • Hoistway and pit equipment 

    • Elevator car 

    • Operating and signaling device

Tsaro's Water Sensing Solution

  • Includes Wireless Sensors with up to 1200 foot range and 10 years battery life

  • Remote Monitoring with web & mobile App 

  • Real - Time water detection notification (Email, Text & Voice)

  • Plug-n-Play

Specialist fixing or adjusting lift mech

Stalled Elevators Due to Poor Maintenance

  • Long elevator downtime

  • Poor tenant experience

  • Frequent elevator operational issues leads to tenants indulging in Vandalism

Predictive Maintenance now Made Possible

  • Remote monitoring of elevator usage (distance, speed, acceleration, vibration)

  • Usage based elevator maintenance 

  • Predictive maintenance using our proprietary machine learning models

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