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Tsaro Assistant 

Real-Time Emergency Notifications

Receive "Call-Button" notifications with Live  video and 2-way audio to your Android/iOS device.

Eliminating Non-Emergency 911 Calls

Video verification allows user to verify elevator emergency call-button response to avoid false 911 service calls/fees. 

Anytime, Anywhere Live Video Streaming

Quick and easy access to the live video stream from the convenience of any smart device.

Never Miss an
Elevator Call

Priority sequential calling from the user-managed multi-contact list.

Best Tenant Experience

Passenger feel safer and more secure knowing that they can instantly connect with elevator help


Alexa Voice
Call Technology 

Powered by the Amazon's Alexa Voice Services. It enables passengers in distress to "call out" for help when they're unable to push the call button. 

Tsaro Assistant

An innovative elevator safety and risk management software platform that enables emergency video verification and Real-Time passenger communication.


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