Elevator Facts around the World

Have you ever thought of elevator facts that have set world records? Did you know that there are 18.5 million elevators worldwide? Did you know that almost all of the global population travels in elevators every three days? In addition, I have found many such interesting facts that you may want to know about. Here is the list of my favorite elevator facts:

Fastest Elevator

Photo Credit: IABSE

The fastest elevator in the world is in the Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China. The Shanghai Tower elevator was installed by Mitsubishi and awarded the Guinness World Record in 2016. This elevator soars upward through the 2,074 ft tall building at a speed of 42.8 mph in 53 seconds. This is faster than Usain Bolt’s top speed of 27.8 mph (the fastest man in the world) but slower than Cheetah’s average speed of 60 mph.


Tallest Elevator in a Building

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The world’s tallest elevator in a building is in 128 floors tall Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China that covers the distance of 1,898 ft. In 2019, the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia will knock Shanghai Tower off its throne as the tallest elevator in a building covering the distance 2,165 ft.


World’s Tallest Outdoor Elevator

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The world’s tallest outdoor elevator is Bailong Elevator in China that rises to 1070 ft. It took 3 years to build this architectural marvel. It is built on the side of the massive sandstone column and is also known as “Hundred Dragons Elevator”. The tourists get a spectacular view of the area’s massive quartzite sandstone pillars. For Movie Buffs, many famous scenes from James Cameron’s movie Avatar were filmed in the area around the Bailong elevator.


World’s First Cyclic Elevator

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The world’s first cyclic elevator, also called as Paternoster, was developed in 1884 by J.E. Englishman. The name Paternoster is derived from the Lord’s Prayer in Latin and is used because of the elevator’s continuous motion in the form of a loop that resembles the prayer reciting rosary beads. The Paternoster can have multiple compartments that slowly and continuously loop between the floors. Although, they pose safety issues from their continuous motion, hundreds of such elevators can still be found across Europe.


World’s First Double-Decker Elevator

Photo Credit: Skyscanner

The world’s first double-decker elevator was installed in the Empire State Building by Otis in 1931. Double-decker elevator is an elevator with two cabins attached together, one on top of the other, where one car stops at even floors and the other stops at the odd floors.


Busiest Elevator in the World

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The busiest elevator in the world is Lacerda Elevator in Salvador, Brazil. This 72 m tall elevator is a historical heritage site and a main tourist attraction. It comprises of 4 large cabins, each with the capacity of 32 people and transports almost a million people every month.


World’s First Rope-less, Multi-directional Elevator System

Photo Credit: Thyssenkrupp via YouTube

The world’s first rope-less horizontal-vertical elevator system called MULTI is installed in new East Side Tower in Berlin, Germany by ThyssenKrupp. The MULTI system requires fewer and smaller shafts than conventional cable operated elevators and can increase a building’s usable area by up to 25 percent.


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