Four times elevators served ‘Instant Karma’

1) Diamond thieves get stuck in an elevator

Have you ever heard the quote – “Life is just like a boomerang doing bad things to others and karma is turning back double on you”? This story is a perfect example. Two thieves, Leroy Bridgman, 51 years old and Marcie Young, 61 years old, broke into the ‘Diamond Rock’ jewelry store in Ohio and grabbed all the jewelry they could. Thinking that the police were already on route, Leroy and Marcie ran down the stairwell and discovered that it was not connected to the garage where their getaway car was parked. The duo hopped into the elevator where karma took over and the elevator cab trapped them between floors. Police arrived on scene and recovered $86,000 worth of jewelry that the thieves had stashed into the ceiling of the elevator. In addition to breaking and entering charges, the two thieves are also facing charges of drug possession.

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2) Kid gets stuck in an elevator after peeing on the switch panel

A young boy in Southwest China had prank go wrong while riding the elevator of an apartment building. In CCTV footage released by the management office, the boy was alone in an elevator when he started peeing in the corner and then onto the panel of elevator buttons. The lights began to flash on as smoke began to steam from the panel. Before he knew it, the lights turned off and he was stranded inside the dark elevator car. When emergency services rescued the boy, he refused any wrong doings. The boy’s parents also defended him and were quoted as saying “He can`t pee that high” but were soon proven wrong when they were shown the security footage. The family is being held responsible for the damages.

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Photo Credit: Asia Wire

3) Jumping in an elevator for fun gets a family in trouble

This story is a lesson to many fun loving parents who sometimes forget where not to have fun. An Idaho mom was stuck in an elevator with her three kids was fined with $1,000 bill. On July 4 2014, after visiting a friend, Karen Bryan and her three kids hopped into an elevator. As it was descending they thought it would be fun to jump up and down. But then the unexpected happened when the elevator stopped moving and they had to call for help. They remained trapped in the elevator car for more than an hour before a repairman could open the doors. Karen was quoted as saying “You get a weightless feeling. I wanted to be a fun mom. Everyone’s done it”. What most people don’t know is that jumping in the elevator of many tall buildings may cause the elevator to stall, a safety mechanism that prevents the elevator from over-speeding.

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4) Elevator camera catches pizza delivery man cheating

Have you ever received your pizza and felt that you didn’t get enough toppings? In Jan 2018, a Domino’s pizza delivery man was fired after he was caught eating toppings off the pizza. The incident was reported to the CTV news by a concierge working at a high-rise building in Surrey, B.C. While the concierge was monitoring the elevator security camera he noticed that the delivery man opened the pizza box and quickly ate some toppings before he walked out of the elevator. The shocked concierge immediately notified the resident who had ordered the pizza. The Domino’s VP of marketing apologized for the incident and delivery man was fired immediately.

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Photo Credit: CTV NEWS

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